Quality Certificates received by Trident Extrusions LLP

a. High corrosion resistance: This piping system is resistant to chemical corrosion, which gives these pipes much longer life.

b. High chemical resistance: Pipes offer excellent resistance to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalis, oils and domestic effluents. There is no need for repeated painting or coating for surface protection.

c. Smooth bore: Pipes have a smooth inner surface, resulting in a better flow compared to Cement, CI and GI pipes

d. Long life: As these pipes are free from scale formation, rusting, weathering and chemical action, this results in a much longer life.

e. Economical: Light weight piping system, very easy to transport, install and highly economical compared to conventional piping systems.

Our Expert Team

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Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director